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Watermelon On Pizza Shakes Social Media

And you thought people had strong opinions about pineapple on a pizza. Wait until you hear how social media melted down over this fruity topping.

A Reddit user admitted he fell in love with watermelon on his pies after trying a slice on a dare, which he said gets him a few stares and occasionally labeled “crazy”.

Then the comments started rolling in, with one declaring, “Honestly, you’re so depraved I think you should be put on a list somewhere,” while another added, “That’s in a new circle of Hell after the pineapple debacle. Wet pizza? That’s f***ed up.”

Not everyone on the site was so incensed, with one writing, “Watermelon with basil and balsamic is dank so I kinda wanna try this tbh.”

What’s the most outrageous pizza topping you’ve tried? Where do you draw the line?

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