Waffle House Inspires New Children’s Book – “A Waffle Can Change The World”

The Waffle House is known for its excellent breakfast, and now, it will also be known as the inspiration for a children’s book.

The book, “A Waffle Can Change the World”, is based on a true story about a six year old boy who observed random acts of kindness by two Waffle House employees and how kind they were to the customers at his local Nashville restaurant.

The boy and his father approached Waffle House about their idea for a book as told by a young child and the restaurant loved the idea.

The net profits from the sale of “A Waffle Can Change The World” will go towards the nonprofit, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, which supports other nonprofits with youth enrichment services both locally and nationally.

Do you have a good children’s book idea? Tell us about an act of kindness you witnessed and how it made you feel!