Usher Says He’d Put Himself Beside Michael Jackson, Prince, & Whitney Houston On The ‘R&B Mt. Rushmore’

Who do you think belongs on the R&B Mt. Rushmore?

Usher is out promoting various things and when asked that question, he didn’t hold back.

“I get to put myself up there,” he asked before naming the other megastars. “Marvin Gaye is going up there, Michael Jackson‘s going to be up there, Prince is going to be up there, and I’d put a few incredible female vocalists like Whitney Houston up there.”

Usher has a lot going on. As he wraps up his Vegas residency, he is preparing for his new album release. Then next year brings a Super Bowl performance and a world tour.

Do you agree with Usher’s choices? If not, then who would you put on R&B Mt. Rushmore?