Trevor Noah, John Legend, Cardi B And 7 Celebs With Insane Halloween Outfits

One of the running themes of Halloween this year is celebrities dressing like other celebrities. Trevor Noah, who dressed like The Weeknd in his “Blinding Lights” video.

Chrissy Teigen’s mother dressed as Kris Jenner while Katy Perry dressed as the COVID shot and her fiancé Orlando Bloom can be referred to as “Dr. Bloom.”

Chrissy Teigen had an outfit change and joined her husband, John Legend, and the kids in an Adams Family portrait.

Cardi B and Kulture went as witches, Lil Nas X dressed as a Harry Potter villain and Kylie Jenner showed off her baby bump alongside Travis Scott who dressed as Michael Myers and Stormi made the cutest mermaid.

What was your favorite celebrity costume?