TikTok Discovers Rihanna’s Two Doppelgangers And They’re The Best Ones We’ve Ever Seen

TikTok is the place where doppelgangers seem to live and two women are giving Tiktokers Rihanna vibes.

Priscilla Beatrice looks so much like Rihanna that when The Shade Room posted her Rihanna herself chimed in with, “Where’s the album sis? #R9”

Beatrice has picked up over two million followers due to her posting various Rihanna looks.

Another TikToker named Avery also looks a lot like the “Work” singer. She posted a video about not knowing what she looked like. Her comments flood with “Rihanna” and now Avery says she will try more Rihanna looks, and we can’t wait to see them.

Do you look like a famous celebrity? Who do people say you look like?