Thousands Are Signing Up For Library Cards After Debut Of JAY-Z Exhibit

Central Library at Grand Army Plaza is busy with hip-hop fans checking out the Brooklyn Public Library’s “Book of Hov” exhibit, honoring JAY-Z.

Library leaders say over 14,000 new patrons have signed up for library cards since the exhibit’s July 14 premiere.

“The cards are now sort of becoming a collector’s item. You need to travel around to different branches in order to get all 13. And that’s great too because we want people to understand that it’s not just at Central Library that we have a lot of stuff,” says Linda Johnson, BPL Chief Executive Officer.

The exhibit has limited edition library cards featuring cover art from the rapper’s solo albums that fans can take home as souvenirs. Complete sets of all 13 cards sell on eBay for over $1,000. According to BPL statistics, the exhibit and collectibles have attracted 176,000 visitors to Central Library in just a month. Over twice as many visitors as in June.

Are you traveling to New York to see the JAY-Z exhibit? Why is it important for you to see?