The Weeknd Shows Off His ‘Simpsons’ Character

Recently, The Weeknd showed off his Simpsons character which made him very excited because it is a ‘dream come true’ for him.

The Weeknd posted the photo of his character sitting next to Bart, and said, “dream come true.”

The episode featuring The Weeknd will be released on Sunday.

One of the writers of the episode said, “The Weeknd is a huge animation fan o he reached out to us, which we were super excited about.”

The writer continued, “He’s obviously a very cool human, so he seemed like a natural fit to play a very cool boy and his very cool dad. The two characters he plays are impossibly rich, super-confident, and self-assured, and we hoped that since the Weeknd is an impossibly rich music megastar, he would also be confident and self-assured, and indeed he naturally gave off that vibe when we recorded him.”

What cartoon would you like to have been in if you had the chance?