The Weeknd Hit With Lawsuit Saying He Plagiarized “Call Out My Name”

A lawsuit has been filed against The Weeknd by music group Epikker, who claim the artist plagiarized their song from 2015 “Vibeking” for his “Call Out My Name”.

According to the suit, “Both works are in a minor key. Both works are in a 6/8 meter that is less common in popular music. Both works are played at a similar tempo. And both works use features of electronica, ambience, pop, hip-hop, rock and R&B to achieve a particular atmospheric and melancholic sound”.

The music group is asking for profits from The Weeknd’s song, legal fees, and they request that The Weeknd be restricted from performing “Call Out My Name” until a settlement is reached.

Do you think there is a case against The Weeknd?