The Weeknd Called Out For “Weird” Selena Gomez Parallels In The Idol

HBO’s “The Idol” has been engulfed in controversy since it began production, and now that the series has been released, fans are discussing parallels between situations in the show and Selena Gomez.

The Idol is about Jocelyn, who is returning to music after a nervous breakdown. In the episode, the character poses for her single’s cover art.

Jocelyn wears her rehab hospital bracelet for the shoot. Fans compared it to Selena’s shoot for Bad Liar. The singer in the original cover art wears a hospital band because she had just received treatment for lupus.

Selena dated The Weeknd while was going through her lupus treatment, leading to speculation that he drew inspiration from their relationship. The fictional character’s relationship with her best friend and assistant also raised eyebrows. Viewers compared it to Gomez’s friendship with Raquelle Stevens.

Do you think The Idol is modeled after Selena Gomez?