Teens Have Talent 2020 @ MD Theatre

20 area teens compete for a $1,000 cash prize March 20 @ 6:30 at the Maryland Theatre!


Teens Have Talent 2020 is a chance for teenagers from Western Maryland, Franklin County, PA and Jefferson County, WV to perform at the Maryland Theatre! Judges will select a winner ($1,000 prize) and a runner-up ($500 prize).

Thank you to all the talented teens who auditioned for the show! The judges have selected the following performers to participate:

Charity Parrott
Hannah Stevenson
Rylan Lutz
Eliza Baranowski
Isabelle Ignatowski
Cynthia Kline
Justin Leo Rohr
Alexis Brackett
Josie Jay
Dalton Mayhew
Conner Walzl
Casey Allison
Raia Redick
Vienna Notarianni
Nadia Techie Mensah
Timothy Murray
Kamiron Miller
Annabelle Smith
Kahlan Stydinger
Elisa Shaw