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TEAR JERKER ALERT: Taylor Swift Pays Tuition for Canadian Student

Taylor Swift is doing her part to combat the student loan crisis by paying college tuition for a Canada student.

Ayesha Khurram met Taylor before when she was asked to join the singer backstage at a concert, but when she talked about her challenges to pay her tuition on Tumblr, she got a second Swiftie experience with Taylor, “Ayesha, get your learn on girl,” Swift wrote in a note to Khurram which was accompanied with a check for $6,386.47.

Both of Khurram’s parents work minimum wage jobs and her mother was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, “I don’t have words. I can’t stop crying.” said Khurram about Taylor’s gift.

Are you struggling with college tuition? How much debt do you have? How would your life change if your college debt was cleared?

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