Taco Bell’s Triple Crunchwrap is Back!
Paso Robles, CA USA - June 7, 2011: A Taco Bell drive thru sign on Niblick St in Paso Robles CA.

Taco Bell is bringing another beloved item back to its menu!

2021 sees the return of the chain’s Triple Double Crunchwrap, but now with a new name.

Now called the Grande Crunchwrap, you get the two layers of beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream topped upon a tostada and  wrapped in a folded, grilled tortilla.

You can find the Grande Crunchwrap for just $3.49 on the Taco Bell menu, or the Grande Crunchwrap meal with a taco and drink for just $5!

How long do you think the Triple Double Crunchwrap will stay on Taco Bell’s menu? What do you wish Taco Bell would bring back?