Taco Bell Joins Chicken Sandwich Wars With New Taco

The great chicken sandwich war continues and now has a new contender….Taco Bell.

Yep, the taco chain has decided to join in at their chance to be crowned the chicken sandwich king, and they might be able to pull it off.

Taco Bell is getting creative. They are taking chicken that’s been marinated in jalapeño buttermilk, then frying it with a crunchy tortilla chip coating, then serving it soft bread that’s in a taco shape with chipotle sauce.

The national rollout of the chicken taco sandwich will begin later this year but location in Nashville, TN and Charlotte, North Carolina can get their hands on it starting March 11.

Are you going to try Taco Bell’s new crispy chicken sandwich taco when it’s available? Who has the best crispy chicken sandwich?