Rihanna Not Touring, Says Source

A source tells Billboard that reports of Rihanna signing a multi-year contract with Live Nation are “bogus.”

According to a report from the London-based Daily Mirror on Sunday (October 22), the singer has big plans for a world tour spanning 2024 and 2025. The tour was said to be a part of a lucrative deal worth 32 million pounds ($39 million) with Live Nation. ET also reported on Monday (Oct. 23) that Rihanna is planning a world tour for 2024-2025 following a deal with Live Nation.

A high-level source who would be involved in such talks said the “32 million pounds figure sounds made up” and noted that “no tour has been confirmed for Rihanna.”

Rihanna’s last tour in 2017 amassed $110,000 million. She could undoubtedly double or triple that number with a new album and tour, but a woman worth $1.4 billion has options.

Do you think Rihanna will give fans a tour?