Rihanna Made a Social Media Update That Has Fans on Edge!

Fans are watching every move Rihanna makes; more than usual.

With the Super Bowl coming up could she release new music? Could she announce a tour? Or both?

Today, fans noticed she changed her profile picture on TikTok-an account that is verified with over 5 million followers but she does not use.

So what could that mean? Fans are absolutely gagging!

One person wrote, Oh my God what if she makes her first post soon? She really back back.

Another person wrote, Rihanna said I’m coming to EAT the TikTok girls UP

Someone else wrote, If your first post on tiktok is Savage x Fenty related I’m gonna fight you @rihanna. Don’t you dare.

What do you think her first TikTok will be about? Music? Makeup? Lingerie? Or will she debut her son on TikTok?