Proposed Kanye West Statue in West Iceland Proves Popular

Kanye West may be received with mixed reviews over here in the states, but in Iceland, the rapper/politician/producer could be immortalized in stone soon.

Aron Kristinn Jóhannsson has issued a proposal to “My Neighbourhood” in a pool of city projects meant to make the city a better place to live.

Jóhannsson wants the Kanye statue to be erected outside the  Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool.

Over 1,321 proposals have been received and so far 700 voters have supported the idea of a Kanye statue. Jóhannsson says he thinks, “it would be an honour for Kanye West. I don’t think there’s a greater honour than getting a statue in their likeness.”

Do you think Kanye is worthy of a statue? If a Kanye statue was erected in America where should it go?