Post Malone Cops Dallas Cowboys Pendant Dripping in Diamonds

The Cowboys are struggling this year but you wouldn’t be able to tell by the team’s number one fan. Post Malone just purchased a pendant bearing the team’s name and logo.

The piece is made from 14-karat gold, weighs 207 grams, and has 29 carats of diamonds. On the sides inscribed is “Since 1960” and the back bears the phrase “#1 Fan,” his name, and “America’s Team.”

The American flag is affixed at the top with “A Star July 4th” on the back of it, which is Posty’s birthday.

Post’s new drip is worth $50,000 and was commissioned by Angel City Jewelers in Los Angeles.

What do you think of Posty’s new Cowboy’s chain? Do you think he spent too much on a team that isn’t having a successful season?