Pharrell shares emotional story of his cousin getting killed by police

In a recent interview, Pharrell explains how he felt after burying his cousin as a result of police brutality.

Pharrell explained in the interview that he had to bury his cousin on his birthday.

Twenty-five-year-old Donovan Mitchell was shot by the police on March 26. What hurts Pharrell the most is the different accounts from the police department on what actually occurred. Police have given different stories and violated procedures by not activating the body cam.

Pharrell said, “I wasn’t able to deliver the speech with the fire and intention I wanted because I was just choked with emotion. It’s not just the loss of life. It’s also the cause of the loss of life. And it’s a much larger problem, you know?”

He continued, “As a Black person when you’re born in this country, you immediately feel a much heavier gravity. The gravity is one that we see in our rules and regulations and laws. We see it in the lack of options. We see it in what we’re fed, what is marketed to us. We see it in broken educational systems.”

Pharrell is very emotional about the loss of his cousin and is determined to make a difference with the Lynch family to make sure justice is served on a Federal level.

How do you deal with grief? What are ways to deal with a loss of a loved one?