Offset Gifts Cardi B With a Home in the Dominican Republic for Her Birthday

Cardi B has been celebrating her 29th birthday in a big way and her husband is matching the big Libra energy with the gift of a house in the Dominican Republic for his wife’s final birthday of her 20’s.

Cardi took to Instagram to show off her new crib. She says she had been trying to get Offset to look into purchasing an investment home in the DR to use as a vacation rental but he wasn’t too interested.

What she didn’t know is that he was planning on getting her a pad in the Dominican Republic with the help of her father.

“I done bought [sic] you everything, so this year I wanted to get you something for having my beautiful son,” he said while holding his wife’s hand. “So I bought you a house in the DR. Yessir, that’s how we coming, pool on the roof. God is good.”

What is the most extravagant thing you’ve ever been gifted?