Nicki Minaj Weighs in on Mount Rushmore of Rap

There’s been a debate on Twitter about who would be on the Mount Rushmore of Rap.

After deliberation, fans decided that Nicki would join Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole.

Nicki Minaj then spoke about the honor and said, “But do I know that Onika Tanya is supposed to be there? Yes, I do because influence is key. If you go on social media and if you pull up any female rapper, you can see Nicki Minaj is influencing them, then of course I should be on the Mt. Rushmore because I mean that’s freakin’ obvious.”

She also said, “That would be like asking should Lil Wayne be on Mt. Rushmore for the previous Mt. Rushmore. It’s no denying it. It’s not bragging, it’s not nothing, it is what it is.”

Who would be on your Mount Rushmore of Rap?