Nicki Minaj Shares Video Of Her 8-month-old Baby Attempting To Walk

Nicki Minaj shared a short but sweet video of her 8-month-old, adorably called “Papa Bear” attempting to take his first steps.

The video shows Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, holding up their son while dressed in head-to-toe Burberry, as he tries to step forward.

Nicki can be heard in the video talking to her son saying, “You ain’t trying to do all of that today. Everyone bothering you. You had it?”

The “Seeing Green” rapper then answers as if she’s the baby saying, “Mama I had it, leave me alone already, please! Ain’t nobody got time for all of that, mama.”

Minaj’s first child, who she hasn’t told the public his name as of yet, gave birth a year after announcing her marriage to Petty.

How old was your child when they began to walk?