Nicki Minaj Shades Twitter’s Rate Limits While Promoting The ‘Pinktape’

Nicki Minaj has had enough of Elon Musk’s shenanigans, and she took to his very platform to let him know that she’s not with the mess.

Twitter temporarily began putting a limit on the number of posts its users can read in a day on Saturday (July 1), with unverified accounts being limited to only 600 tweets. This temporary throttling was revealed to be due to Musk’s apparent failure to pay for Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, which is what’s ultimately causing the “throttle” in the first place.

Minaj, however, doesn’t necessarily care about all that, preferring instead to toss Musk under the bus while letting the Barbs know that her next project is on the horizon.

“Planning out how I’ll use my 600 limit today to promote the #Pinktape, mush the barbz in they head, block & beat the duds while dissing them & cracking up laughing at my own jokes, posting at least 1 nene GIF, call btchs my sons while being bossed around by #PapaBear Hmmm,” she wrote on Sunday (July 2).

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s new limitations?