Nicki Minaj Gives Update On ‘Masterpiece’ ‘Pink Friday 2’

Nicki Minaj has offered up some new info about her upcoming ‘Pink Friday 2’ album, telling fans they can expect quite the musical experience.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday (July 29), Minaj teased that her much-anticipated project would drop sooner than they realized.

She also boasted that the album’s musical quality is nearly transcendent in nature, and all but promised world peace to her devotees.

“Y’all, I’m not even kidding. In 111 days…Pink Friday 2,” she wrote. “is coming to save & restore hope in mankind omg barbz I love you I dooooo! Like when y’all have this masterpiece y’all gon be on [cloud emoji] [nine emoji]. Omg I love it so much y’all. I assfcfhnkjhdbyik.”

She continued: “And make sure on that night when the clock strikes 12, that you ain’t neva EVAHHHHH played wit MUVA. #PinkFriday2 It’s #Barbie If you still in doubt The barbz shall gather around the campfire and well… you’ll have to wait to see what we do next.”

What is your favorite track by Nicki so far, and why?