New Rihanna Album Not Happening In The Near Future

Rihanna fans have been waiting for years for a new album, and it’s still going to be a while.

In the past few weeks both, a new album and a world tour had been rumored to be in the works, but Rihanna herself has squashed those ideas.

The singer had a quick chat with “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan days before her actual performance, where she addressed new music saying, “They are waiting. I’m excited to actually put new music out, but I don’t have any updates for you on that yet.”

Meanwhile, in an Apple Music interview, Rihanna’s New album has also been a talking point. “I’m feeling open to exploring, discovering, creating things that are new, things that are different, things that are off, weird, might not ever make sense to my fans, the people that know the music I’ve put out. I just want to play. I want to have fun with the music,” she explained of her upcoming new album.

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