Mike WiLL Made-It Reunites With Miley Cyrus – Despite Her Saying She Was Bored Of Hip Hop

Fans were less than pleased when Mike WiLL Made-It posted a picture of himself along with Miley Cyrus and suggested the two of them were back to their “BANGERZ” days.

If you remember Miley had a massive album entitled “BANGERZ” where he Stripclub song, “23” was a favorite of both Hip-Hop fans and Pop fans, however, later Miley would diss Hip-Hop in a 2017 interview with Billboard where she said she grew “bored” because of the “lewdness and materialistic nature” of the music.

So with Mike WiLL Made-It and Miley shared a picture on Instagram of their reunion fans couldn’t let the producer forget where Miley came from.

“Fam….Hannah Montana basically dissed hip hop. Now she wants [to] get back to her Bangerz days. She a [sic] culture Vulture,” said one commenter. Another wrote, “watch her sh_t on us again in 2 years.”

Do you think Miley would be a hypocrite if she did music with Mike WiLL Made-It?