Megan Thee Stallion says she wanted to collaborate with Dua Lipa long before they got together for their latest single, “Sweetest Pie.”

Megan says she would see mashups of her songs with Dua’s online all the time and thought they were too good for her and Dua not to do an actual song together.

“I was like, ‘Dua, I really want us to do a song, but I got to find that right beat. It has to be perfect,’” Megan recounted. “So I didn’t just send her no any track. I waited till I had the perfect one and I feel like we both came to a mutual agreement that it was greatness. And now we got ‘Sweetest Pie.’”

Megan also answered to critics who called out the “Sweetest Pie” video saying it was “creepy,” and was “devil worship,” “The symbolism of the video was how when men come for me I eat they ass up every time,” she said in her reply. “And even when y’all go on y’all’s witch hunts attacking women for whatever reasons y’all make up we still rise from the ashes stronger than ever.”

What do you think about the “Sweetest Pie” song and video?