Mariah Carey wasn’t pleased about Biggie shouting her out in 1 of his songs
  • Mariah Carey has had a long successful career, and she has worked with countless artists including hip-hop artists.

One hip-hop artist that she did not care for was Biggie Smalls.

“Just Playing Dreams’ was a track Biggie used to speak about the women he would like to have sex with.

In the song, Biggie raps, “Mariah Carey’s kinda scary.”

In her memoir, Mariah says, “I had never met Biggie, but there was a running story that I had beef with him because of his song ‘Dreams of F—ing an R&B B—-,’ “I was kinda scary? What does that mean?” she thought. “F-him. If he only knew some of the scary s- I’d actually been through.”

She did say that Biggie and she worked things out, and he assured her that he meant no disrespect.

She even said that she was trying to get Biggie on the remix of ‘Honey’, but he passed away before she could get him to hop on the song.

What is the worse thing someone has said about you? How did you feel when you heard it? Did you confront that person?