Mariah Carey Says There’s One Thing She Regrets Not Saying in Her Interview With Cardi B

Mariah Carey recently interview Cardi B for the cover story of Interview magazine.

Cardi B tweeted after the interview, I know I said a lot of curse word and talk a little too spicy with Mariah Carey but I can’t help it. She made me feel comfortable. I felt like I was having a real conversation.

Mariah Carey responded on Twitter, Cardi!!! I loved our conversation. What I didn’t say but should have said is that it isn’t just the fact you’re beautiful on the outside, it is the fact that you are a real person that is also beautiful on the inside. I’m here for it all. You made my day.

It is not hard to fathom a Mariah Carey and Cardi collaboration, after all, Mariah has a huge hit song with ODB. The question is, do the fans want a collaboration?