Malcolm Spellman hopes the 'Disrupting the Master Narrative Fund' allows filmmakers to “shake things up”

Nichelle Tramble Spellman

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier writer-producer Malcolm Spellman has high hopes for Chromatic Black’s newly launched Ida B. Wells: Disrupting the Master Narrative Fund, a historic investment in the future of Black filmmakers whose work reflects a spirit of exploration and deep inquiry.

“The hope is that these new voices shake things up and innovate,” Spellman tells ABC Audio. “Not just as far as story but even the business of making film and TV. Maybe they’ll find ways to pull in Black banks and use Black business. Who knows. But we need to get these new underrepresented voices in. There is only upside for everyone of all races — and even old school established folk — if we can open the door for some disruptors.”

Those 10 disruptors, which include Lamard W Cher-Aime, Elishia Constantine and Kristina Pupo, Chuck Gomez, Mylrell Miner, Javier Molina and Gabriel Furman, Jana Smith, Christine Swanson, Lynelle White, Renée Wilson, and Riley S. Wilson, were chosen from over 400 applicants. As finalists they will received a $10,000 investment for the creation of a short film to be produced by December 2021. Spellman says giving these filmmakers the resources to create authentic projects serves as a catalyst for change.

“Having disruptive voices access these platforms that reach 100s of millions of people gives these voices a megaphone for change,” he explains. “It also allows them, on a creative level, to shine light on new ways to tell stories which is good for business. Very soon the shifts in our society will have to acknowledge the underrepresented voices who are striving to be heard…”

For more information on Chromatic Black and the Ida B. Wells: Disrupting the Master Narrative Fund, visit the Ida B. Wells Fund online.

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