Ludacris Didn’t Think One Of His Biggest Hits Was Going To Blow Up The Way It Did

Ludacris has had a career filled with chart-topping hits, but at least one of those successes came as a shock to him because the song was just a rush job to fill an album.

The rapper and actor stopped by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All The Smoke podcast last week and revealed he had no idea his hit 2000 song “Southern Hospitality” would go on to be as big as it was.

According to Luda, the song was made at the last minute to repackage his independent album, ‘Incognegro,’ for his major label Def Jam debut, ‘Back For the First Time.’

“If anybody can give you a hit at the last minute, it’s Pharrell and Chad and The Neptunes,” Luda explained. “He throws on this beat, and I’m vibing to it. I’m thinking it’s cool. I’m not like thinking, ‘This is a hit… I did not know that it was the hit that it became.”

What is your favorite song by Luda and why?