Ludacris and his wife expecting brand new baby

Ludacris and his wife, Eudoxie, are expecting their second child together, which will be Ludacris’ fourth child.

He appeared on the “Today” show to discuss fatherhood and waiting till the birth of the child to find out the gender.

He said, “I will be happy with whatever the Most High wants to give me. We don’t know the sex of the child. We’re gonna wait until the day. It’s like one of the only things that’s left to just be unpredictable these days, and it’s exciting.”

He continued, “There’s so many great things that have happened from me being a girl dad. One in particular, I have a Netflix series called ‘Karma’s World’ that comes out at the end of this fall, and it’s literally to enrich and empower young girls.”

What is one of the biggest challenges in raising kids?