Lizzo Tears Up During ‘Special Tour’ Hometown Return To Detroit

Lizzo is on her “Special” tour, and she made a stop in her hometown of Detroit.

Lizzo was born in Detroit in 1988 before moving to Houston at 10 years old. She continued to visit the “Motor City” and still considers it home.

“The feeling that I have,” she began as the crowd gave her lengthy applause leaving Lizzo near tears, “is indescribable.” 

She shouted out to her family, pointing around the building and adding that “my mom’s over here somewhere.” “It’s emotional being in the place where you were born,” Lizzo explained. “It’s emotional being back where your roots began…thinking about the people you wish were here. I think about my father every time I come here. He would’ve been so proud…”

What is your favorite thing about your hometown? What would you miss the most if you had to leave your hometown?