Lizzo Teams Up With Sarah Paulson For ‘Killer Is Escaping’ Video

Just in time for Halloween, Lizzo got in on a TikTok that has gone viral and she included a surprise guest.

Lizzo pulled American Horror Story’s’ Sarah Paulson into a video which features the actress screaming, ‘Help! He’s escaping! The killer is escaping! Help me,’ in American Horror Story: Asylum.

TikTok users have been lip-syncing the line for months with Billie Eilish also getting in on the fun. Lizzo posted two videos, one with just her doing the line and the other with Paulson.

Both videos quickly went viral with the first getting 8.5 million views and the second getting 10.1 million views in seven hours. ‘I was doing one of my screams that all the kids like to tell me how horrible they are,’ Paulson said during an Instagram Live about the viral TikTok. ‘Let’s see what you sound like when you’re running for your life, kids. Let’s see what sound comes out of you,’ Paulson said.

Have you recreated Paulson’s audio on TikTok? What is your favorite TikTok video?