Lizzo Stops Her Cravings For Hot Cheetos With A TikTok Hack

Lizzo announced she was vegan back in June 2020 has shared several of her vegan recipes to TikTok and her latest hack is helping her to curb her craving.

She shared with her fans that her favorite chips are Hot Cheetos, but since going vegan she no longer eats them but has found the closest thing to her favorite snack.

In the video titled “cheesy Takis edition” Lizzo explains to her 21 million followers how she boils Japanese yams, and blends them with tofu, yeast, Vegan cheese, salt, pepper, and habanero hot sauce.

She says, “The secret ingredient: put a few slices of this [Follow Your Heart] smoked gouda [vegan cheese] in there—whoopsy, I blended it all up with some of the water from the yam boil … mmm.”

Do you have a favorite “alternative” recipe? What is your go-to snack?