Lil Wayne Reveals The Surprising Pre-Show Listening That Calms His Nerves

Lil Wayne says that a particular artist soothes whatever ails him.

Wayne recently admitted that he still has some pre-concert jitters over two decades into his career, and one person’s voice has helped.

“I put on Anita Baker, she take the pain away. I told her to her face too, and she said I’m not the first person to tell her that,” Wayne said. “I looked dead in the eyes and told her, ‘I get a very strong stomachache and I’ve been getting it since day one. Before I go on stage, there’s nothing that works but you.’

“‘I just put it on shuffle. Don’t matter what the song is. When your voice come through, my stomachache go away.’ She goes, ‘You not the first person to tell me that.’ I go, ‘See, you know I ain’t lying, then.’ She’s a beautiful hell of a woman.”

Which artist do you put on to soothe you?