Lil Wayne is planning a festival and speaks on DaBaby and Donald Trump

Lil Wayne rarely pays attention to what is going on outside of his world.

He did show his support for the Phoenix Suns and how disappointed he was that Chris Paul did not get a ring.

He said, “We talked after every game. It hurt to see them go down like that.”

Lil’ Wayne spoke about his upcoming festival, “The show I had probably a month ago in Miami, that was the first time I’d been onstage in so long, I actually had to rehearse the songs. I love performing so much that there’s no usually no real prep for me. We’re doing all the things we’re supposed to do. At the end of the day, if we can provide a safe and productive show, then it’s a success.”

Lil Wayne addressed DaBaby, “You know how it does. The spotlight on artists and celebrities is absolutely crazy. You don’t even have to be a celebrity. Even normal people can feel like they’re wrong because their 200 followers said something. But that’s the power of social media today.”

As far as his meeting with Trump and endorsing him, Weezy said, “Progress is always possible.”

Are you scared to go to shows and concerts with the increase of Covid cases because of the variant?