Lettuce Water Is The Newest TikTok Trend. Can It Really Help You Sleep?

We’ve seen a ton of TikTok trends and hacks and some actually work and some don’t.

The latest trend that some say definitely works is “lettuce water”. The drink is supposed to help you fall asleep faster.

To make the “lettuce water”, you have to boil the water and then pour it over Romaine lettuce, then drink the water from it.

Some TikTokers say it really did help them, but according to experts, it’s not likely to make that much of a difference.

Dietitians have suggested that Romaine is tied to aiding with sleep, but it’s needed in large quantities, not a few leaves of lettuce.

Are you going to try the “lettuce water” trend? What TikTok trend or hack have you found that actually works or that’s helpful?