Kanye West Spent $13.2M on Failed Presidential Campaign

It turns out Kanye West’s failed bid for the U.S. presidency didn’t come cheap. Sources say the 43-year-old rapper spent at least $13.2 million on his campaign.

What’s more is $12.5 million of that money came from West’s own pocket, according to campaign report filed with the Federal Election Commission. West managed to raise about $2 million in donations, bringing his total campaign fund to $14.5 million, the commission reports. When he finally ended his run after four months, all but $1.3 million had been spent, the report reveals.

West, who ran for office as a member of the “Birthday Party,” received 66,000 votes on Election Day — which comes out to about $200 per vote.

At any point in his campaign, did you think Kanye had a chance at winning? Will his candidacy open the door for a future hit maker to stage a more successful campaign?