Jimmy Kimmel Declares 10-20 As Doggfather’s Day In Honor Of Snoop Dogg

Introducing a fresh holiday called “DoggFather’s Day,” courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg.

During a segment on Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Snoop Dogg made a guest appearance and Kimmel mentioned that 10-20 is a special date for Snoop.

In the Kimmel household, the host explained, the family is enthusiastic about celebrating half-birthdays which occur six months after one’s actual birthday.

Kimmel mentioned that on the half-anniversary of the marijuana-themed holiday, he found himself contemplating what date would be significant, and he realized that it coincided with Snoop’s birthday.

Noting the clear association – Snoop’s well-known affinity for weed – Kimmel enthusiastically declared that the date would now be recognized as DoggFather’s Day. He then presented Snoop with a proclamation, acknowledging his contributions to the promotion of marijuana. Snoop received congratulations from King Charles, Elton John, Oprah, President Biden and even Pope Francis.

If there was a day named after you, what would it be named and how would it be celebrated?