Recently, Jack Harlow teased fans with a possible Dolly Parton collaboration.

Jack said, “I want to put her on some hard s**t.”

He continued, “You won’t believe what I’ve turned down, because this pocket we’ve got right now is fragile, man. I’ve turned down so much s**t that would have been a big ol’ bag.”

He added, “We need more people in my generation that are trying to be the best, and you can’t do that with just ear candy, vibe records. You got to come out swinging sometimes.”

Jack did not reveal if he will get Dolly Parton on his sophomore album or if he is waiting for the right moment. He just confessed to wanting to do a record with Dolly.

Do you think Jack Harlow is one of the best rappers out right now? Who do you think is better than Jack Harlow?