Inside Jay-Z’s Weed Lab

One very lucky GQ writer got a sneak peek into JAY-Z’s weed lab in a massive 100,000-square-foot facility centered on a busy intersection in San Jose, California.

The factory produces 11,000 pounds worth of cannabis a year and technically belongs to The Parent Company, a publicly traded company, that is in control over the production and manufacturing from growth to sales.

“Monogram” is JAY-Z’s luxury brand of cannabis with its signature product being a $50 hand-rolled cigar called “OG Handroll” stuffed with 1.5 grams of premium top-shelf cannabis.

Monogram features celebrity endorsers such as Jadakiss, Tinashe, and N.O.R.E., its investors include Meek Mill, Rihanna, Yo Gotti, and DJ Khaled.

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