Here’s What Eminem Thought of Barack Obama’s ‘Lose Yourself’ Reading

As former President Barack Obama looked back on his time as president in his new memoir, A Promised Land, he also shared the impact music had on him while on the campaign trail in 2008.

“It was rap that got my head in the right place. Two songs especially: Jay-Z‘s ‘My 1st Song’ and Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself,'” said Obama.

“Both were about defying the odds and putting it all on the line,” he continued, as he rapped the powerful opening lines of Eminem’s 2002 hit.

The clip of Obama rapping, “Lose Yourself” definitely was one of Eminem’s proudest moments, the Detroit rapper posted the clip of Obama to his Instagram page with the prayer hands emoji.

What song empowers you and gets you in the right mind frame?