Fans Not Happy With Saweetie’s McDonald’s Meal

Fans of Saweetie seem to be upset with her over her celebrity McDonald’s meal.

They have two issues: the meal itself and the price of the meal.

Saweetie’s meal is a Big Mac, 4-piece chicken nugget, medium fries and a Sprite. The sauces for the nuggets are the same McDonald’s sauces. Nothing different or special.

The price of Saweetie’s meal is as high as $12.69 in some locations for a meal that if you bought each part separately it’s more like $10.

With the BTS and Travis Scott meals you got something a little different. Travis added bacon to his Quarter Pounder, BTS had sauces you couldn’t normally get at McDonald’s and they had merch.

Is the backlash Saweetie is receiving justified?