Eminem’s Daughter Hailie All Grown Up In A Stunning Strapless Dress As She Celebrates 25th Birthday
  • Fans are shocked at how grown-up Eminem’s daughter Hailie is after she posted a picture of herself at 25.
  • One person replied to Hailie’s post writing, “Remember when she was a little girl.” Another fan wrote, “Hailie turning 25 makes me feel old as s**t dawg what happened to the little girl from My Dad’s Gone Crazy?”
  • Eminem calls raising Hailie along with two nieces his “greatest accomplishment.” The rap legend spoke specifically about Hailie saying, “No babies, she has a boyfriend, but she’s doing good. She’s made me proud for sure. She’s graduated from college.”
  • What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment? Does seeing Hailie Jade all grown-up make you feel old?