Drake’s Alleged Texts With Celina Powell Go Viral

Clout chaser Celina Powell was curved by Drake and there are texts to prove it. Powell DM’d Drake trying to strike up a conversation, Drake told Celina he never gave her his number and wanted “nooooooo parts” of her.

Powell said, “yes you did it’s still in my dm, but I don’t want to upset you tho so I’ll stop.”

Drake did some investigating and didn’t find a text message sent to Powell and screenshot it for her to see with the message, “Doesn’t look like it. Lol.” Celina responded “I just wanted you to open my DMs thanks” before exiting for fear of being blocked by the “Life Is Good” rapper.

The exchange went viral on Twitter with fans finding it funny that Drake had curved Powell who is known to expose rappers. Powell claimed on Twitter that she got Drake’s number from Tory Lanez’s phone.

Have you ever been curved by a man via DM? Share your story.