Drake Reveals Tupac Is His Most Listened To Artist of 2022

As people reveal their most listened artists via Spotify’s “Wrapped 2022” list, Drake has revealed who his most listened for 2022 was, and it was none other than another G.O.A.T, Tupac.

Drizzy is among the top seven percent of Tupac admirers on the streaming service, and he listened to Pac for 246 minutes this year.

While Drake admires Pac, he once had to clarify a line he used in 2009’s “Fear,” where he said he wasn’t sad when Pac died.

“It’s not necessarily that I don’t love West Coast Hip-Hop or that I don’t love ‘Pac now that I’m 22, but that line was just said to show how new I am to Hip-Hop. I was 9 when that [Tupac’s death] happened, so it didn’t really affect me,” Drake explained.

Who was your top artist on Spotify? Which artist was the most influential to you?