Drake Offers To Buy Beloved Toronto Patty Restaurant Within Hours Of Closure Announcement

Drake once again is venturing into the restaurant business after a well-known Jamaican Beef Patty restaurant threatened to close its door this Saturday.

Randy’s beef patties made the announcement via Instagram that after 40 years the restaurant would have to close due to manufacturing and supply chain issues.

When Randy’s posted about their closing, Drake was in the comments with a solution, “I’ll buy Randy’s right now,” commented the 6 God.

Randy’s has been around since 1979 and is known for its red boxes of famous beef patties. Drake has jumped into the culinary world before. In 2015 he opened a restaurant with Canadian chef Susur Lee called Frings, it closed three years after opening.

Drake also invested in faux-chicken maker Daring Foods and owns a minority stake in Dave’s Hot Chicken.