Drake & Lil Yachty Get Billie Eilish Response Over ‘Big T-ts’ Bar

Billie Eilish responded to Drake and Lil Yachty’s mention of her “big t_ts” on “Another Late Night,” from For All the Dogs.

Lil Boat said, “I let her go, she fine as hell but baby wasn’t stylish/ She had big t_ts like Billie Eilish but she couldn’t sing,” referencing a past relationship.

Eilish posted a screenshot of the lyric on Instagram last Wednesday (October 18), along with other photos like her new back tattoo, Halloween pumpkins, and a close-up selfie of her wearing a cap that reads: “Girls C_m First™.”

The 21-year-old simply posted a scissors emoji in her caption without additional commentary. Eilish’s fans quickly noticed her subtle response to Drake and Lil Yachty’s song, even though her massive back ink stole the spotlight.

What do you think of Billie Eilish’s back tattoo?