Drake Has A Doppelganger Running Wild In Miami Nightclubs

Drake’s doppelganger was spotted running around Miami over the weekend giving Tory Lanez and DJ Akademiks spottings which they posted to Instagram.

Lanez, who was at STORY nightclub on South Beach, posted a grainy video of someone who looked like Lil Wayne and Drake’s look alike. He captioned the 7 second video, “Wayne and Drake in one spot! What a night!”

Fake Drake was then spotted out giving out hugs to ‘fans’ in the Miami streets. The video, posted by Akademiks, was captioned, “Fake Drake must be stopped.”

“If Drake ever does an action movie, he should be the stunt double,” one person wrote in the comments while another said, “Fake Drake been active the whole weekend in Miami.”

Have you ever been mistaken for a celebrity? Who were you mistaken for?