DJ Khaled Reveals He Once Missed MySpace DM From Drake

DJ Khaled revealed on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast that Drizzy DM’d him on MySpace years ago but that the DJ and producer didn’t know.

“Drake told me a long time ago that he used to hit me on MySpace,” Khaled began. “And I didn’t know how to work that MySpace stuff.”

“I say to myself, oh my God, if I had an opportunity to sign a Drake or work with Drake before Drake was Drake…” he said, trailing off while thinking about the missed opportunity.

Khaled said he was proud Drake messaged him back then. “It just shows you that he had love for me as a producer, a DJ, and as an artist,” he said (Khaled made beats under the pseudonym “Beat Novacaine”). “The music I was making, he had love for me. And that’s so dope because that’s one of the biggest artists in the world… Just to know that before he exploded, he was listening to DJ Khaled too.”

What do you miss about MySpace? If MySpace returned, who would be in your top eight?